Beach Activities

Induruwa Beach

  A popular tourist attraction in the South.this is an ideal spot for water sports including surfing, swimming, and diving. On the way to Indurawa, you will find Bentota beach, too. The sea turtles in the beach doubles beauty of the sea. You can reach Indurawa from Colombo via Colombo-Galle railway. The ideal season to […]

Uppuveli Beach

  Another one of the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern coastline of the island. The east coast starts with Nilaweli beach and ends in Arugambay beach. This is a popular tourist spot since the tourists can walk about 1km into the shallow sea from this beach. An ideal place for an evening walk. The […]

Tangalle Beach

  Tangalle beach is another one of those mind-blowing sea beaches in the island of Sri Lanka. It is located in the district of Hambanthota in the Southern province. Tangalle is popular as a tourist destination and for its harbor. The ancient Dutch fort located near the beach is now used as a prison. The […]

Kosgoda Beach

  Another picturesque coastal area in the Southern province. Many turtles come ashore to lay eggs here. The beach is wider and lengthier than most beaches in the island. Needless to say it’s another picture-perfect sea beach in Sri Lanka. The ideal season to visit the beach is from November to April. The Sea Turtle […]

Kalkuda Beach

  Located 34km to North from Baticaloa, Kalkuda beach is not somewhere many tourists are aware of. It is a beach with an isolated look. The wave speed is low and the sea is shallow. One can swim about 200m into the sea from the beach. Kalkuda is also famous for watching coral reefs. It […]

Dickwella Beach

  You can call this beach another wonderful creation of nature. The waves that break as they hit the rocks, sprinkling themselves in the thin air adds a heavenly sight to the coast line. Dikwella is a beach that belongs to the Southern coastline of Sri Lanka. It is situated in Matara district. The ideal […]

Kalpitiya Peninsula

  One side bordered by Kalpitiya lagoon and another by the sea, Kalpitiya is another popular destination in the island of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya has the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka. Many tourists love visiting the area for its sixteen islands and because it’s an ideal spot for dolphin and whale watching. From January […]

Weligama Bay Beach

  Another tourist paradise in the South. The fishing harbor in Weligama has been an important harbor even during the period of King Parakramabhahu I. It has been then called as Weligam patuna and Walukagama. It is during this period at this harbor the troops from Ramangna denomination have set their foot on Sri Lanka. […]

Unawatuna Beach

  The popular tourist attraction Unawatuna gets it beauty from its coastal beach. The quiet sea, surrounded by a coral reef is a real treat to your tour. It is believed that King Ravana, who was drawn to beautiful Princess Seetha, kidnapped her and brought to Sri Lanka in Dhandumonara Ship (an ancient flying machine) […]


  Trincomalee is the second best natural harbor in the world. It is situated in the Eastern coast of the island, 260km away from Colombo. Mahaweli River, the longest river in Sri lanka joins the sea from Trincomalee. Due to its wide and picturesque sea beaches including Nilaweli beach, occasional sight of flocks of deer, […]

Pasikuda Beach

  The specialty of Pasikuda is the light blue waters, and the shallow, sandy sea beach. Pasikuda is a small coastal town located in the right end of the Vandalus Bay in Batticaloa district. This is one of the most popular sea beaches in the Eastern coast of the island, especially favored by foreign tourists. […]

Nilaveli Beach

  One can say that the most beautiful sea beach in Sri Lanka is Nilaweli Beach. One can reach the beach by travelling to Trincomalee from Colombo via Kurunegala, Dambulla, and Habarana. One mile towards North from Trincomalee is where you will find the beach. It is quite a wide beach with shallow waters. One […]

Mirissa Beach

  Mirissa is one of the favorite beaches of most tourists who visit Sri Lanka. That is because there are so many whales in the sea around Mirissa. There is an interesting story behind the name ‘Mirissa’. One day, the giant Velusumana had come to Mirissa with a huge beehive in order to fulfill Queen […]

Hikkaduwa Beach

  Hikkaduwa is located on the way to Galle from Colombo along the southern rail lines. This is one of the top most priorities of tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Sun bathing tourists along the wide and picture-perfect Hikkaduwa beach is a common sight in the area. Hikkaduwa is located along the southern coastline of […]

Beruwala Beach

  The top most attractions in Beruwala  are Lighthouse and the Harbour. Beruwala harbor, in which only small vessels can be anchored with shallow water, is surrounded by a number of mosques. Kochchimale Mosque is considered the first mosque to have built in the area. The name origin of the name Beruwala dates back to […]

Bentota Beach

  The name Bentota bears a meaning similar to the Bay of Fear. Legends suggest that there was an evil spirit who took refuge in the bay, and that whoever wanted to cross the bay had to undergo the troubles caused by the spirit. There has been a Portuguese Fortress in Bentota, 75 meters away […]

Balapitiya Beach

    Although Balapitiya is famous for its mouth-watering Tuna, it enters the history due to ‘Maha Kappitha Walawwa’ located in Balapitiya. But, at present, there is not a single trace of it as it was built way back in 1878. 35 Miles along the Galle Road towards the South from Colombo, is where you […]

Arugam Bay Beach

    Arugam bay is famous as a gorgeous coastline with shallow sea waters. It was resurrected as a tourist attraction around 2009 with the end of the civil war which prevailed for a period of over three decades, starting from 1983. This is located 314 km away from Colombo towards the Eastern side of […]