Avukana Buddha Statue

  The Buddha statue which faces Kala Wewa holds a significant place in the history of Sri Lanka. The statue is believed to have built by King Dhathusena in 5th century BC. It is located 4 miles away from Kala Wewa. The statue is 38 feet and 10 inches high and is one of the […]


  Thissamaharama was called Magampura in the ancient times. It was also called Ruhunurata for a long period and was the capital of the island once. It is in Hambanthota district and is located 277km from Colombo along the Southern coastal route. Thissamaharama Temple enters the historical radar of Sri Lanka in 3rd century BC […]

Somawathiya Temple

  Somawathi is most commonly known as the dagoba in Polonnaruwa which emits rays of Buddha. Somawathi dagoba is built by enshrining the right Tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Many tourists who visit Trincomalee are attracted to Somawathi due to its religious significance. It is located 40km away from Polonnaruwa towards Trinco. The history of […]

Kingdom Of Sigiriya

  Sigiriya is one of the most magnificent creations of nature. It is of about 600 feet high from all sides of the rock. While being declared a world heritage by the UNESCO, Sigiriya is one of those places that will never go out of the memories of those who visit this place. It is […]

Kingdom Of Polonnaruwa

  The world heritage Polonnaruwa is located in Polonnaruwa district. You can reach Polonnaruwa by taking Colombo-Trincomalee road, and by turning to the east from Habarana Junction. Polonnaruwa is 40 km away from there. In 1070 AD, King Vijayabhahu I shifted the island’s capital fromAnuradhapura to Polonnaruwa as a defense mechanism from Cola invaders. Then […]

Mihintale Rock Cave Temple

  As the first religious place related with the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and as a city located near the historic Anuradhapura, Mihintale holds a significant place as a tourist attraction. It is located 12 km away from Anuradhapura towards Trincomalee road. The Mihintale rock covers an area of about 400-500 acres. Along […]

Medirigiriya Vatadage

  Vatadage in Medirigiriya is a creation of the most skilled craftsmen of ancient times. It is one of the most significant complexes carved out of stone. The surrounding elegance of nature adds more value to the building. The ancient building complex which is now standing with its ruins is located 28 km to the […]


  Matara is a region fashioned with the ocean from one side and the picturesque Nilwala river from another. Matara stands out from the rest of the historical sites in Sri Lanka due to its Dutch Fort and Star Fort. Initially, a Portuguese Fortress stood where the present Dutch is erected today. However, the Dutch […]

Matale Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple

  The temple is situated in Dambulla which belongs to Central Province. It is situated 29 km away from Dambulla towards Kandy road. The temple is surrounded by a wall with elephants heads. It is indeed the pride of the city. There is a common belief among the villagers that the Buddha statue which sits […]

Mahiyangana Temple

  Although the historical Mahiyangana temple belongs to Uva Province, it is located in a closer proximity to Central Province. The shortest route to Mahiyanagana from Colombo fall across Kandy, and the distance is around 166 km. On His first visit to Sri Lanka, which was nine months after Enlightenment, Lord Buddha have preached dhamma […]

Kataragama Temple

  Although Kataragama belongs to Uva Province, the route to Kataragama falls across Thissamaharama of Southern Province. It is located 21 km away from Thissamaharama. Kataragama is a multi-religious place of worship. Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu devotees visit Kataragama to pay homage to their respective gods and religious figures. Many devotees take part in morning […]

Kanniya Hot Water Springs

  Kanniya hot water springs can be described as a wonder of nature that never fails to steal away the hearts of every tourist who visit Trincomalee. There are seven springs of which the water is above 44 Celsius degrees. There are also many legends and myths woven around these springs. One of these is […]

Kingdom Of Kandy

  Kandy, a city with a mild weather and rich scenic beauty, is the capital of Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is also called ‘Senkadagalapura’. Kandy is located 12 km away from Colombo. The city is declared as a world heritage since it houses one of the most significant Buddhist artifacts, the Tooth Relic […]


  Kalutara, which is always afresh with the breeze that brushes across the sea and Kalu river, was called Kolutota or Kalathittha in the ancient times. In the 11th century, the area was belonged to the state of Rohana. Rajarata was under the invasion of Cholas back then. To escape Cholas Vikrama Pandya made Kalutara […]

Jaffna Peninsula

  Jaffna Peninsula, located in Northern  Province of Sri Lanka, covers an area which would be a little more than 20 square kilometers. The area is populated with a large number of Palmyra trees. Majority of its population is Tamil with Hinduism being the main religion. There many Buddhist places of worship in Jaffna. One […]


  Galle Fort, which offers the splendid view of the ocean from the West side and the city of Galle from the rest, is the highlight of the region. It even features in the Serendib map drafted by Arabic geography specialists. The oldest traces on the history of Galle Fort can be found in the […]

Dimbulagala Temple

  Dimbulagala is located in the east of Polonnaruwa, and is a city of historical importance. One can reach Dimbulagala Temple by taking 8 km to the Right from Manampitiya which located 15 km away from Polonnaruwa. According to Mahawamsa, the area was called Dhoomarakkha Pabbatha in prehistoric times. Sri Lanka’s last monk who attained […]

Gadaladeniya Temple

  Gadaladeniya Temple is located on a picturesque mountain top in the village of Diggala in Kandy district. One can reach the temple by travelling 104 km along the Colombo-Kandy road and by taking a Right turn from Dawulagala road for about 2 km. The temple was built by king Buwaneka bhahu IV. According to […]

Embekka Temple

  It is generally believed that the best and the most artistic wood carvings from Mahanuwara Period in Sri Lanka is found in Embekka Temple. In order to reach the temple, one has to travel 140 km along the Colombo-Kandy road and take a turn to the right from Dawulagala road for about 8 km. […]

Delft Island

  Not only it is as fancy as the islands you find in fairy tales, it is also the third largest island in Sri Lanka. The Dutch named the island in its present name in order to commemorate the Delft  city in Netherlands.  Prior to that, the island was called Nidunathiv. The island covers an […]

(Capital Of Sri Lanka) Colombo

  Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, was the capital of the island back in the Portuguese period. The origin of the name, it is suggested, comes from the fact that Kolonnawa river joined the sea from this city. The name Colombo is, therefore, believed to be a derivative of ‘Kolom Thota’ which bears […]

Adam’s Peak

  Located 140 km away from Colombo, and 7860 feet above sea level, Adam’s Peak is a masterpiece of nature with a mild climate complimented by beautiful mountain ranges and breath-taking waterfalls. Home to a large variety of wild animals and a number one tourist attraction and a place of worship in the paradise island […]

Kingdom Of Anuradhapura

  Anuradhapura is regarded as the chief cultural center and a world heritage by various specialists including historians, archaeologists, and tourists. It was declared as a World Heritage by the UNESCO in the year 1992. The city exhibits a range of ancient ruins with solid archaeological basis, and attracts a vast amount of tourists all […]