Yala National Park

  The largest national park in the South of Sri Lanka. Yala is one of the most popular wildlife attraction in the island. It is also called Ruhunu National Park. Its large variety of wild animals and birds is the major reason for this popularity. It is a conducive place for wild animals due to […]

Wilpattu National Park

  While being a place of environmental and cultural significance, Wilpatthu National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Sri Lanka. It covers an area of 339,000 acres. It was declared a national park in 1905. One can reach Wipatthu from Colombo by taking Puttalam-Anuradhapura road. It is also possible to reach the […]

Udawalawe National Park

  Udawalawe is a park with rich bio-diversity. The park covers an area of 30,850 hectares, and is comprised of a similar proportions of land and water. Since the area has a tropical climate, both terrestrial and aquatic animals can be found in the park. It was declared a nation park in 1972. This is […]

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

  Once you drive along Colombo-Kandy road, seven kilometers into Rambukkana from Kegalle is where you will find Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. It is located beside Ma Oya and is maintained by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Initially the orphanage was started with only five elephants in a land of seven hectares. The climate and the […]

Minneriya National Park

  The ancient kings in Sri Lanka made sure that they preserved every drop of water the skies rained upon them. The advanced irrigation system built by the kings of ancient times provided enough water for the agricultural purposes of the people. One such giant and magnificent creation is Minneriya Lake. Minneriya National Park which […]

Maduru Oya National Park

  Maduru Oya is rich with many mountain valleys and a thick bio-diversity. It is the third largest national park in Sri Lanka. It covers an area of 58,849 hectares, and borders across three districts: Polonnaruwa, Ampara, Badulla. The park is comprised of many water bodies including Kandewewa, N.D.K Lake, Kadupahara Ella Lake, Kerago Lake, […]

Lunugamvehera National Park

  Lunugamvehera is located 232 km away from Colombo via Ratnapura, Udawalawa, and Thanamalvila. The park covers an area of 23,498 hectares, and belongs to Hambantota district, a dry zone in the island. Due to its location, the park receives an ample amount of sunlight and has an arid climate. Many plants including thorns and […]

Kumana National Park

    One of the best national parks in South Asia, Kumana is also commonly known as the ‘Paradise of Birds’. Kumana National Park is located in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, and is considered one of the best nature parks in South Asia. It is located 225 km away from Colombo. One of […]

Kaudulla National Park

  The hemp bush along the river valley dances in the cold breeze. The air is quiet. Only the songs of the birds disturb the pin-drop silence. This a typical day at Kaudulla National Park. The park that cover over 16,000 acres was named a national park in 2001. This dry mixed evergreen forest is […]

Gal Oya National Park

  Rich with a high bio diversity, Gal Oya National Park borders across the districts of Monaragala and Ampara. It covers an area of 26,000 Hectares. Before launching his mission of freeing Anuradhapura from Chola invaders, Prince Dutugemunu is said to have sent his brother, Prince Thissa, to Digamadulla region in order to muster rice, […]

Bundala National Park

  Bundala National Park is one of the most significant national parks in the island due to its eco-friendly nature and its bio diversity. It offers a range of scenic sights ranging from the sea beach to sand dunes to marshy lands. History suggests Bundala region as the birth place of King Dutugemunu which was […]